400 Things {1-100}

Well well well, it seems as though I have had 400 posts on Pie N' the Sky!! That is a lot of posts, right?? Well, to commemorate I am going to post 400 things about me in honor of my 400 posts shared with you. Now, I know that you have a life and don't want to read 400 things all at once, SO I'm breaking it down... 100 things over the next 4 days. AND each day it'll be a post from someone different, so you can get a better picture about who I am and how others see me^_^  Sound fun? Hope so, otherwise sorry! ha:) Alright let's do this!

1.    My name is Melisa
2.    I like puppies
3.    I have a Mr named Elisha
4.    I've been dating him for 6 years!!
5.    I live in Texas
6.    I grew up in New Mexico
7.    I spent my childhood living in Brazil
8.    Portuguese was actually my second language
9.    Unfortunately I can’t remember an awful lot of it
10.    Since we’re on the topic, I can also speak Spanish
11.    I love bubble tea
12.    I love having deep theological discussions
13.    I like debating, even over silly things
14.    I used to want to be a lawyer, basketball player, vet, and broadway star
15.    I love creating
16.    I love the Lord:)
17.    I started playing piano 3 years ago
18.    I like to create music and write songs
19.    I’d love to record my own album one day
20.    I want to write a book one day
21.    I think that my opinion matters
22.    I like to cook and am actually getting quite good at it
23.    I am a terrible baker
24.    I really like to eat and more often then not, I'm hungry
25.    I love to sing really loud in the car, in my room and most anywhere else
26.    I love my friends and wish we all lived in the same state
27.    Dogs instantly put a smile on my face
28.    I have a pretty giant smile
29.    I used to have two dimples, but one disappeared. It’s true I only have one now
30.    When I first started my blog I was excited that I had four followers
31.    I am amazed at how much Pie N’ the Sky has expanded
32.    I love to knit and crochet
33.    I love making hair pretties and headbands
34.    I love knowing that my creations make girls feel pretty
35.    I like to talk
36.    I like to listen
37.    I want to own my own brick and mortar shop one day
38.    I would like to go skydiving
39.    I have a fear of falling
40.    I really like turbulence when I’m flying
41.    I like going to church
42.    I love to read self help books
43.    I think my Mr. is the sweetest boyfriend
44.    I have a mole on my toe. Weird right?
45.    I talk to myself
46.    I love to make to do lists
47.    I currently have three planners
48.    I really like going to the zoo
49.    I can do an impeccable dolphin impersenation
50.    In fact, I can make “beach sounds”
51.    I swam with a dolphin once
52.    I’d really like to feed a giraffe
53.    I would really really like to pet a penguin
54.    When I was little I wanted to open up a restaurant called Penguin Palace
55.    I love living in Texas
56.    I miss my friends; Kristin, Stephanie, Erikah and Rachel
57.    I wish I didn’t have to grow up
58.    I feel like I’ve always been an adult
59.    I wish I could throw caution to the wind
60.    I must always have a plan
61.    I don’t like when people where glasses for “fashion”
62.    I have slight OCD
63.    I have a really fast metabolism
64.    I currently enjoy wearing really bright colors
65.    I love to take photos
66.    I cannot wait to get married
67.    I cannot wait to be a wife and mom
68.    I think I’ll be pretty good at both
69.    If I were an animal I would probably be a giraffe
70.    I have a fascination with eyelashes
71.    I am on a constant search for the perfect mascara
72.    I think I would like to live overseas again
73.    I have a heart for the lost
74.    I want to make a difference in the world
75.    I am a very passionate person
76.    I am extremely driven
77.    I hate to fail and avoid it at all costs
78.    I love the movie Stepmom
79.    I liked Mel Gibson before he went nuts
80.    My favorite movie is Runaway bride
81.    I love love love music; it’s kind of my life
82.    I’m in music theory IV. I know more than I ever thought possible
83.    I am proud of who I’m turning out to be
84.    I like all music and I mean it
85.    I found out last month that I’m apparently hipster
86.    I thought hipsters were old people
87.    I realized I got it confused with the word spinster
88.    I don’t like feeling dumb
89.    I’ve learned to laugh at myself
90.    I strive for perfection, but understand that I am fatally flawed
91.    Some days I want to turn off every electronic device I own and just go draw under a tree
92.    I like sweet things
93.    I think I’m a good driver; I’ve never been in an accident
94.    I like to think that my followers are my friends
95.    I like talking to you like we are the oldest and best of friends
96.    I like getting dressed up
97.    I love wearing heels
98.    I like being barefoot even more
99.    I can’t wait to see my family today
100.    I am happy that you just read one hundred things about me:)

XO. Melisa

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  1. My goodness, back during my 200th post I did 200 things about me and THAT was hard!