Collections: Photobooth Photos

I love love love taking photos in photobooths!! I guess you could call it a "collection," so I thought I'd share it with you! It's really not thaaat many, but it's growing. I think what I love most about them is that it's not something I'll ever grow tired of collecting. I'll always love photos and I love that each one is a memorable moment with the person I take it with.
OH and I've added a few instax photos to this collection; which I also love^_^
Love my Dad in that one! haha.
These make me so so so happy! Above, is me and my mr, me and my papa and sister, me and my best friend Kristin and me and another best friend, Erikah.
That's all for now. Hopefully it'll keep growing!! Do you collect photobooth photos?


  1. Amazing collection! I wish we had photo booths here.

  2. hello poppet,
    your blog is cram packed full of fancy photo goodness!
    I am swooning over it just a touch!
    keep up the fancy posts,
    and have fun being wonderful x

  3. Ohhhh! Your collection reminds me of Amelie!

  4. im insanely jealous! These must have cost you an absolute fortune!!

  5. This is so cool ! I love it!

  6. Those are really good collection of Photobooth. Photos and picture is the remembrance of our happy moments in parties, events or birthdays. And I guess it is better to put this Photobooth collection in a scrapbook.

  7. Love it! Where do you get your photobooth pics taken -- especially the wider photobooth pics?