Project 365: Week Ten

It's true, I'm on week 10 and I missed week 9. I actually only took one photo that whole week. It was that crazy busy week where you only heard from me like once. Oh well, here's this past week's photos...
Hmmm. I accidently put these out of order. oops.
I drove a golf cart all day and got paid 60 bucks.
I had a cupcake.sewing.girls.party.
I drank an energy drink and things got crazy. ha.
I decided to have a free for all and leave PNTS items outside my door.
I made a new turban.
I got a manicure.
I worked on the Mr.'s bowtie on our way to the wedding.

xo. Melisa

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  1. Anonymous16.3.11

    Lovely photos! I tried to start the whole project 365 thing but it only lasted for about...2 weeks. Just doesn't work out with my schedule :p