Color Crush: Gold Glitter

So this whole love for gold is fairly new for me. I used to think it was tacky, but I'm just smitten with it. I love that it looks vintage and dated, but still classy. Now, my love for glitter has been present since I was about eight. And when you combine the two, well it's simply magic. 

Ugh! See what I mean?? Gorgeous! So, what are your feelings on gold glitter? 

xo. Meilsa

PS: Tomorrow I will be announcing this month's Sponsor Love Giveaway!! ^_^


  1. I felt the same way about gold until very recently. I think you represented glitter & gold really well here. :)

  2. I am in love with this gold sparkly color too! Ever since New Years Eve I believe it's been the big new thing and I love how it can be sophisticated instead of tacky!

  3. i thought I hated glitter but now i think im in love

  4. I've recently fallen for gold as well! I'm actually currently wearing some metallic gold nail polish :D


  5. I use gold in my paintings all the time. I am kind of obsessed. So kudo's, again, to having great taste :) I'd be happy to do a print giveaway from your blog if you'd be interested. I think you promote only the great artistic things! cheers!