Sponsor: Erikah Delguzzo

I'd like to introduce you to the way talented photographer, Erika Delguzzo!!

My name is Erika DelGuzzo and for as long as I can remember I wanted to be a photographer and own my own studio. A studio that was half a photography studio and half an accessories and home decor shop. I am currently a college student studying hard on how to actually own my own business so that one day my dream of owning that studio can come true. Other than school, with any free time I have, you can find me either taking pictures of anyone and anything or sitting in my dorm room working on crafty projects. In everything I do I try to see the beauty in it, for this is a beautiful life, a beautiful world.

She's so sweet!! If you're interested in her work or are looking for someone to take some photos for you, you can contact her here ^_^

xo. Melisa

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