Style Crush // Jeffrey Campbell

Jeff Camb

1.) NA nelly.com 2.) $170 solestruck.com 3.) $120 solestruck.com 4.) $305 nelly.com 5.) $160 lorisshoes.com 6.) $160 solestruck.com 7.) $120 modcloth.com  8.) $160 solestruck.com 

It's no secret that I love shoes, but I really love love Jeffrey Campbell shoes! These are just amazing. They're so tall and I'm already so tall that I fear me in one of those would just be a disaster, but maybe one day?

I think number one is my favorite! Which are yours??

I'm back home from a lovely vaca in Houston. It was so good to see my family and spend time with my Mr. I'll hopefully be able to upload some of our photos this weekend. yay. Tomorrow I'm going to a flea market with Kalli & Kelsey, then later to a show with the Mr. at a local coffee house; Branden is playing for a benefit. See, now you know who all of those people are. hooray! I am sleepy now, so I'm going to fall asleep to some hulu. night.



  1. I don't think I could ever actually rock these HOWEVER I really love #3.

  2. Anonymous18.6.11

    I like #5, they're crazy!

  3. um, wow! my favorite is #7... I can't get enough of stripes right now for some reason!

  4. Yeah, I have to admit, as a tall person, I very rarely ever purposefully wear a heel. I don't find them at all comfortable, in the first place, and I also have no desire to stand out more than I already do!

    Nevertheless, #2 & 8 stand out to me! Cute colors. :)