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I thought it would be fun to have a little fun facts post about myself, so I thought I would share one today. I've also been working on putting together my FAQ page which I will be adding to over time. SO if you have any questions you would like to ask me you can send them along via Formspring.

<< I am currently obsessed with Iced Chai Tea. In fact, I am currently drinking one as we speak.
<< I think if I could live anywhere right now, it would be here. I don't think I've ever felt so content with life. 
<< I didn't start painting my nails until a few years ago and recently I've been changing the color every week. My current favorite is lilac:)
<< I'd like to visit every continent before my life is over. So far I've only made it to three.
<< I reeeally want a puppy; like more then ever before!
<< I love all things mint.
<< I only have one more semester of school left and then I'm officially an adult, or at least it'll feel that way.
<< I enjoy movies involving prisons, heists and good fight scenes. Random? very.
<< I think this might be my first year taking part in a craft fair.
<< I recently found out that Narwhals are real animals... like they exist in real life. Did you know this?? It's true, i thought they were mystical creatures.
<< I just got 300 google reader followers! Whoa! What?? Yes, and I'm pretty sure an amazing giveaway is in order!! I'll decide what it should be and then post about it this week. Yippee!

want to know anything else?? Just ask:) // FORMSPRING


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  1. I am loving lilac nail polish right now, too! These are some great facts. Looking forward to reading more :)