Tuesday Treasures

Tiny Starlette Giant Dwarf Owl Print United Threads I'm a Dreamer Print Scenic Glory Peach Earrings Botney Balance Frame Mmim Baby Owl Stuffie Bird Mafia Deer Print Alice Potter Dourado Bracelet Maranon 

This Tuesday Treasures is inspired by whimsy. I've been on the hunt for the perfect prints. These three are some of my faves; including one brought from our very own sponsor, Scenic Glory. The 'I'm a Dreamer' print is most definitely on my wish list. And I love that Giant Dwarf has now created a tiny starlette, though I still really really want one of her starlette crowns. 

I hope you're having a fun Tuesday. The Mr and I are going to go grab shawarmas today and then maybe go see x-men? Yes, yes I think we are. What have you got planned for this lovely day?


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