Weekend Wrap Up: Part 1

So I have begun the hunt for little apartment treasures and Friday I came across some lucky finds. I thought I'd share what I've gathered so far ^_^
 These cute little salsa bowls from UO (only 50 cents each!)

 Mint and teal bowls from Anthropologie (5 dollars each)
Mint bowls from Salt Lick in ATX (my mom got them for me)

 Sweet mint framed mirror from Marshalls (5 dollars)

 The perfect little teal tray from Marshalls (6 dollars)

Cute cute preserves jar from Ross (99 cents)

I just love these authentic glass cups from Marshalls! (5 dollars!!)

I love love a good deal!! Clearly. I like to find things everywhere I shop and slowly collect the perfect decorations. I think I may continue to share my find with you. Would you like that?



  1. Please do keep sharing! It's inspiring for fellow apartment dwellers. Even though my hubby and I are looking for a house pretty soon, I still like your tips and your style!

  2. These are great! I just found the prettiest decorations last weekend. Love the jars!
    keri bohemian backbone

  3. Thanks girls! I plan on sharing more as I collect more. OH and be sure to leave me some links if you come across any great finds! :)

  4. Love them all they're so adorablexxx