Girl Talk: The Designer

I had the privilege of meeting Lindsay via the blog world, this past year. Instantly I knew we would be friends! She is high-spirited, oh so sweet and extremely talented. I know you'll be inspired by her.

What is your job title?
graphic designer, full time blogger, window display coordinator and online shop owner…in no particular order!  not even 3 months ago i was a full time employee at an insurance office while trying to achieve my dreams of being self employed.  i learned that with hard work, dedication and a lot of love you can achieve anything you want. 

What do you love about yourself?
i love that i am a dreamer. i let my imagination run wild and fill up with tons of  ideas.  i find that because of this i am a more creative person.  i have never been the type to take no for an answer, because if i dream it, i will do everything in my power to make it come true!

Who is your role model?
although it is not an individual person, I find that my biggest role model is the creative design team behind free people.  on a daily basis i look to them for inspiration on so many different levels.  whether it be for graphic design, window display ideas, or the creation of the next necklace that will be sold in my shop.  every day i am completely mesmerized by what they do and because of this, their team is my biggest role model.

What inspires you?
color!  everything that i create is inspired by color on so many different levels.  with the opening of the scenic glory shop i looked to pictures from India for inspiration.  the colors you see there are so vibrant and breath taking.  i was inspired so much that i am planning to take a trip in the next year or so to see it all in person.

What are five words that describe you?
Happy, dreamer. outgoing. vegetarian. passionate.

What is your biggest insecurity?
that i will never achieve the goals i have set for myself.  every day i focus so much positive energy on what i’m doing, where I want to be, what i am going to create…but sometimes in the back of my head i get tied up in thinking…”what if I can’t.” 

it bothers me to have these thoughts, but that is life.  i just use it as motivation to get better and try harder.  that’s all I can do.

If you could be anyone for a day, who would you be?
at the moment I would say, lady gaga.  although to some she is a bit over the top, i personally think she is a creative genius.  I would like to spend a day in her gigantic platform shoes, see her vision for her songs, dances, wardrobe, concert displays, etc.  I think it would be a wild, eye opening and creative ride!

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Isn't she just lovely?? Her blog, Scenic Glory, is one of my absolute favorites! And now I am oh so in love with her shop, which I believe opened just yesterday!! I featured one of my favorite prints in yesterday's Tuesday Treasures feature; it's perfect. I hope you'll follow the links and go take a peek!


  1. You are the second person this week to mention Scenic Glory. Although I've just been introducted I love her stuff too & think it's great she's getting out there.

  2. Anonymous16.6.11

    This is so inspirational! What a great piece! :)

    I look forward to seeing more of her awesome work!