Some Summer Goals

As the Summer is literally flying by, I find myself needing/wanting to set some goals for myself. They are as follows:

Practice piano
Get the blog/shop in tip top shape
Wear more sundresses while I still can
Participate in at least one craft show
Finish my internship 
Write a song; preferably a pretty one 
Go on dates with my Mr.
Read at least two books
Eat a lot of watermelon
Hold more puppies
Find more things for my soon-to-be apartment
Spend time with people I love, while I still have time on my hands

When I go back to school, I know that life will be so different. As it will be my final semester, I'm sure I will be stressed and overwhelmed. I really want to take advantage of this Summer. It's really my last Summer; as in, after this Summer I'll have a real job without Summers off, this is my last two months of freedom, basically. ha! I'm not dramatic at all. 

Here are some of the things I have accomplished...

Gone on fun spontaneous dates with the mr.
Taken a few road trips
Seen my sister/mom/dad
Started a really fun internship
Grown my readership to over 300 followers! (I love you all so much ^_^)
Introduced fun new features to le blog
Added pretty new bows to the shop
Gone to Six Flags
Preached a message for our youth group
Made new friends
Taken up hot yoga

I know it might not seem like a whole lot, but it makes me feel a little less lame, knowing I've accomplished a few fun things! I love productivity, ha! I'm a nerd. Thanks for letting me share. I'm done now. What are some of your Summer goals??


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  1. some fun things? That sounds like a lot of fun things. lol. How is hot yoga treating you? Yoga is something that is def on my to learn list.