Girl Talk: The Pastor's Wife

Stephanie has been a dear friend of mine for  about 7 years now. She is one of the kindest, most thoughtful individuals I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She has recently begun her adventure in blogging; her blog, A Beautiful New Chapter, shares her adventures in ministry, marriage and all the in between. I know you'll just fall in love with her!

What is your job title?
The Clubhouse Children's Ministry Director/PINK Girl's Ministry Director @ Life Point Church

What do you love about yourself?
Everything!! Ha! Yeah right :) Let's see... From a physical standpoint, I love my hair and my feet. Everything else in between I could do without. As far as my personality goes, I enjoy my sense of humor (I think I'm hilarious), I love how I have an instant connection with kids, and, especially since I've been married, I like how I have learned to "fake" a confident attitude. I don't mean "fake" in an artificial way, I just mean that I have learned that even though I might not feel too hot about myself, my husband loves me, my friends & family love me, I should love me. It has given me a whole new perspective on how I view myself. Really putting myself out there & acting like I'm confident (or 9 times out of 10 making a fool out of myself), has actually given me a self-confidence boost :) Things aren't as hard and people aren't as scary as I thought. It has definitely helped in the area of youth and children's ministry. They don't respond well to quiet, "I suck", awkwardness. Being out-going, self-assured, and friendly is 10 times better!

Who is your role model?
An uber-combo of my mom & her two sisters, the pastor's wife at my home church Jen DeWeerdt, Kristen Wiig, Paula Deen & Kate Hudson. Yep. That's pretty much as awesome as it gets.

What inspires you?
Creativity & passion. Anything extra-ordinary, out of the box, unique... I love that. It can be anything. Whether it's a ministry idea, a DIY project, or just a conversation. If it makes me think, get amped, have to jump right up and do something about it, I'm in. I crave the ability to create with my mind and my hands. I love finding or coming up with new things to do or make or cook. I envy the ability of the people who have the passion for those things and can inspire others with them. I'm still working on that part :)

What are five words that describe you?
Awkward. Confident! Sensitive. Funny. Creative. (my husband said that I should throw in "totally smokin hot" but I told him my 5 were good enough.) ;)

What is your biggest insecurity?
I always want everyone to like me. I'll go out of my way if I think it'll make you like me better. If I hear even a whisper that someone might have one thought negative about me, I have to go do something about it. I'm slowly learning how ridiculous that is, that you can't make everyone happy. But darn it, I'm gonna try! But that insecurity is neck-and-neck with absolutely never being happy with how I look. There's not enough time in the day to get into it, but I deal with what I like to call "mirror rage" every single day. That's the one winning the insecurity race most of the time.

If you could be anyone for a day, who would you be?
I'm gonna go ahead and be "that girl" for a sec and say I would be me but with the physique I consider perfect. I'm curious what, if any, difference it would make. Would I be happier? Better? The same? Worse? Hmmmm. Oh or Bella Swan. So then I can make the RIGHT decision, leave Edward glittering in the sun, and hop on the back of Jacob's motorcycle.

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Just lovely! Thanks so much for sharing with us Steph. I hope y'all will take a few moments to visit her. Have a lovely day friends!



  1. haha. You are so adorable! I love that you would leave Edward. me too.

  2. Inspiring :) We all go through those insecurities. so you're not alone! But these were very insightful answers and you seem like a very level headed girl!

    thanks for sharing!

    oh and btw... yes! team JACOB all the way.