Seven Things

I was reading friend Maie Dae's blog and she had this fun post, so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon!

7 Places I Would Like to Visit:
>> Ireland- it just looks so pretty!
>> Canada- random I know, but have you ever seen Anne of Green Gables?? I want to go to there.
>> Turkey- I would love to be able to walk where Jesus walked!
>> Paris- fashion fashion fashion
>> Washington DC- I am a nerd and I like museums.
>> Hawaii- I've actually never been, but I would love to sink my toes in blue water^_^
>> Africa- who doesn't want to go to Africa!?

7 Things I Would Like to Make:
>> I want to make pretty dresses
>> I want to make/design/run and own my very own shop!
>> I want to make yummy food, cause I love food, and mostly so I can be known as a good cook^_^
>> I would like to make a good wife and mom (someday)
>> I want to make all of my dreams come true, but who doesn't??
>> I want to write and I suppose make, my own book
>> I want to make people happy. I want them to be happier having met me...

7 People I'd Like to Meet (Dead or Alive):
>> Mother Teresa- I don't believe I need a reason; it goes without saying
>> The Red Velvet GirlsElsie is the reason why I started a blog and even knew what a blog was! I would love to sit and chat with them all day long sipping bubble tea^_^
>> Jesus- one day...
>> Zooey Deschanel- I kind of want to be her.
>> Taylor Swift - I'm pretty sure if we ever met, we would be best friends.
>> Tina Fey- She is hilarious; there wouldn't be a single dull moment!>> Little me- ha! I would like to meet my former self, is that weird?

7 Things I Would Like to Own:
>> A puppy!! Preferably a pug or doxie, but I'll be happy with just about any breed
>> A fancy shmancy SLR and some great lenses
>> Something in a tiffany blue box^_^
>> This couch
>> A new car! 
>> A home of my very own
>> One of these

7 Things That Annoy Me:
>> Rude, inconsiderate or incompetent people
>> Migraines
>> When I try and fall asleep, and reeeally want to sleep, but simply cannot
>> Chewing with your mouth open
>> Traffic; which is unfortunate since I live in DFW
>> Not getting what I need to get done on time
>> When people don't keep their word

7 Films I Love:
>> Runaway Bride
>> Ocean's 11, 12, 13
>> Avatar
>> Pretty in Pink
>> My Best Friend's Wedding
>> 500 Days of Summer
>> Arthur

7 Funny Words:
>> ladle
>> noodle
>> clavicle
>> jelly
>> guava
>> noir
>> bleu

Do you any of y'all have a seven things post?? Link up in the comments below! I'd love to read it ^_^



  1. I love love zooey deschanel. did you see she's going to be in a tv show this fall? i'm not sure if it'll be any good-- i'd just watch it for her!

  2. I'm gonna have to do this! What a fun post. I always say that if Taylor Swift and I ever met I think we'd be friends haha how funny!

  3. Aw I love this. I want to meet Zooey too!

  4. What a great list!

    Here's mine...

  5. Hi, Melisa! I just discovered your blog over at Elsie's blog, A Beautiful Mess. :) It's lovely and inspiring. I'll definitely be back! :)