My Maverick

Have you ever seen Top Gun? Yeah, me either, ha! Well, it's the Mr's favorite movie and although he has tried to make me watch it on numerous occasion, I just couldn't get into it; not sure why. Point is, Elisha loves loves planes and it's been a childhood dream of his to fly a plane. Today he got to live out that little dream!! As part of his birthweek, I planned for him to go out with our friend, to fly a plane! He was so excited and I loved that I could help make one of his dreams come true; made my day! Here are quite a few shots of the day.

Once the boys got ready for take off, me and Whitney decided to go grab them some lunch, cause we're thoughtful, ha! And we waited anxiously for them to return. He had a blast and I was oh so happy for him. 

I love that I was able to capture this special moment in his life. I also have something else really exciting to share later! Bye!



  1. Awww this must of been so exciting for him!

    Lucky him aye. I want to do some flying one day, or sky diving, now that would be fun!


  2. Awe, what a sweet wife you are. :)
    That is one exciting way to spend your birthday!! >>>Cassie