Music, Chai and Secrets

I know it's Tuesday, but it's time to share music people! This week I'd like to share a little number called Summer Girl, by Leighton Meester. Yes, I'm a fan. I know it's not her original song and it's from a terribly depressing movie, but it's just so dang catchy. My favorite is blaring it in my car with windows rolled down. Which leads me to my next point... I love Leighton not only for her catchy tune, but I do in fact love her because she plays Blair Waldorf in the ever so dramatic teenage soap opera, Gossip Girl. Yes, I watch that show; I avidly watch that show and I'm not ashamed. In fact, it comes back on September 26th and you better bet I'll be sitting in my living room with friends, watching it! I think I watch more "teen" shows than I do actual age appropriate television. Though I have not been a teen for four years, I think I'll always be one at heart. That's what they say anyways right? Like your body gets older, but you'll always feel young? Well there ya go, something you didn't know about me. So tell me, what's your guilty pleasure show?? Don't leave me hanging here, I know you watch something silly too!

Yesterday the Mister and I went to see Cowboys vs. Aliens; it was entertaining. Yep, that's my review, ha! I didn't hate it and I didn't love it, I was simply entertained for two hours, so go watch it and let me know if you agree. Now, since this is clearly my sharing post, have I mentioned how I drink tea now?? Well I do. I never ever liked tea until a few months ago when I was introduced to iced chai. I didn't really consider this tea because it tasted more like gingerbread and it was cold. However, I have since discovered a whole realm of tea that I can make taste good! This might sound crazy that I just discovered this, but give me a break, i'm not sure why, but just do it. I've purchased multiple flavors, a teapot and a pretty jar to hold it all in {pictures to come}. OH and sweet tea doesn't count, that's just pure magic in my mouth and though it's tea, it is at a completely other level than this tea; I've been drinking that for years. So there ya have it folks, I'm a tea drinkin, gossip girl watchin review givin gal. I always feel the need to sum things up, I apologize. There are more posts to come today. Exciting!



  1. Cute, never heard that song before! Rather catchy indeed. :)

  2. Oh wow, I didn't know she covered that song in the movie. Jessica Andrews realized it awhile ago and its just as fun, check it out!

    Also, I was just like you when it came to tea, now I am addicted to drinking. I love mint tea the best.

  3. Oh man, I love her version of this song! It's definitely the anthem of my summer :) and, I'm so excited for Gossip girl to return as well. No shame!