She Said, He Said // A & W

>> How long have you been dating and/or married? 
She Said: Married 9.5 yrs
He Said: married for almost 9.5 years.

>> What did you think of each other when you first met? Was it love at first sight?
She Said: For me, yes. I liked him instantly and made it my mission to get him to love me back!! :) it worked. 
He Said: she was cute; she didn’t remember our first encounter. I bought an Entertainment book from her. She came around a year later and showed some interest!

>> What have you learned from your relationship?
She Said: Relationships are sticky, messy, and hardwork. But the benefits of sharing your life with someone you truly love are worth all the good, the bad, and the ugly!! 
He Said: you mean what am I still learning? That it changes; evolves. When outside factors are introduced (children, jobs, events, etc.) they might, or most likely will effect the relationship.

>> Who makes the decisions in your relationship?
She Said: I make a lot of day to day decisions, I'm super independent. But the "real" and big decisions we make together and ultimately, he always has the final say as the head of our home. 
He Said: decisions are made depending on what needs to be decided. Events/social life = usually her. What coffee cup to take to work = me. Improvements/maintenance/ insurance on house, cars, property (the boring stuff) = me. Spending = both of us usually. We balance each other out on spending. I’m frugal, I admit that; she is …not, and she’ll admit it!

>> When did you know you had found "the one"?
She Said: When in a crowded room full of people, the place I thrive, he walked in, and I knew I'd rather be sitting alone in a corner booth with him forever!!
He Said: initially it was when I made a comment to a friend that I “wanted to marry a girl like Whitney someday” and she overheard it. We realized it later when neither of us would give up in the face of adversity. We’ve been through a lot during our time together and have realized how tough we (and our relationship) really are.

>> What is the best advice you have to offer a new couple?
She Said: Don't give up on the passion, no matter how long you're together. Be willing to love passionately and fight passionately too! ...but...don't sweat the small stuff...that's not passion, that's just silly. 
He Said: you give up your “self rights” when you get married. Marriage should be selfless. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have opinions or do things your way, but you need to consider your spouse before you open your mouth or act on something. Things may come a bit easier to you that way. This is a challenging process, and I am still working on it!

>> What was your first date?
She Said: Our first official date? Or our first..."secret" date... Haha! Dinner with friends and ice skating. :) 
He Said:….uh a double date with a couple from a church we used to attend. We went to dinner and then ice skating, I believe.

>> What are five words that describe you?
She Said: Confident, outgoing, loyal, fun, witty
He Said: diplomatic (at most times), particular, funny (she’ll say inappropriate), determined, fun

>> What are five words that describe your significant other?
She Said: Thoughtful, hard working, silly, loyal,  manly
He Said: I would say put-together, but that’s two words so I’ll say beautiful.  Head strong, intelligent, motivated, passionate.


  1. Thanks for featuring us. So much fun!

  2. I love this post because I know them and It makes me happy to see their thoughts. They are a beautiful couple.

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    such great advice! and what a great feature.