the art of planning

I love order. I love to have a plan and yes, I still write things down on paper and not just on my iphone, much to the dismay of my mr.

I really wish I could be a spur of the moment type of gal, but I'm far too much of a perfectionist/analyst to be her. I'm learning to accept that this is who I am. In fact, I have full on embraced it! SO I thought, "surely there must be other girls out there like me!" right? if you do exist, then this post is for you. or better yet, if you are the complete opposite and hope to someday be the girl with the plan, this too can be a good read for you! If you're neither, then feel free to parouse past posts. Moving on.

I enjoy making lists, especially when they have to do with all things creative, such as the blog, shop or design. I am constantly dreaming up new ideas and find that if I don't write them down they will disappear into a far off land never to return again, so I haaave to write them down! While I was at my favorite antique shop, I came across this cute little planner/notebook/binder that I knew I had to have. Why? Because it was a dollar, it was lilac, and it was only a dollar. Did I mention it was a dollar? I love a deal. So I bought it and knew it had potential of becoming my dream keeper; like a trapper keeper, but fancier. obviously.

Today I had enough time to gather all of my scrapbook-y things (yes, that's a word) and do a little makeover on the little dream keeper. It looks a little something like this now...

I made four dividers out of craft paper and added little tabs so I could section them off. My tabs include Posts, DIY, Shop, & Design. These are four areas that I am constantly coming up with ideas for, but you could obviously choose whichever best suit you.  I used washi tape to liven up the tabs a bit before I wrote on them. Behind each divider, I added blank white sheets of paper that I cut and hole punched myself. easy enough. I used a few of the sheets of papers that were already in it when I bought it as well; cause they seemed useful. The planner also came with tons of business card holders. Like at least 50 more sheets of them than I'm actually using. I thought they would work to hold some pretty extra things for inspiration. In the back I thought it would be nice to have some loose leaf paper; in case I need to write something that doesn't necessarily pertain to any of the four sections. So I took an envelope, hole punched it and put the extra sheets in. I decided to put a little sticker to hold the flap down securely, but I'm sure it would've been fine without it. I threw in a mini notebook, for extra note-taking situations and a little bookmark to help keep my place. It makes it real easy to dream up pretty things when I have a pretty thing to write it all down in^_^ Hope you have fun creating your own dream keeper!!



  1. I love this. Perfect for blogging an DIY projects. Thanks for sharing :)

    xo Shane

  2. Anonymous12.1.12

    Consider me inspired! I am making this a weekend craft :) Cant wait!


  3. oh wow this is amazingggg.
    so cute, i love it!

    i just bought a new blog inspiration notebook today:)


  4. this is such a cute idea! i love it!

    allister bee blog

  5. You know, I have a blog planner/idea book but I've never thought about buying a binder type one. This is brilliant for me. I'm so OCD that is I make a mistake or don't like something I've written I want to rip out the whole page. That would be easily done with a binder planner :]
    I might need to go buy one!

  6. Love this! I am defiantly a planner as well and that is a very good idea for blogging and ideas

  7. oh my gosh. you should probably make me one. ;)

    love, rach.

  8. i'm not tremendously successful at planning, but it's something i work on continuously. your planner is really cute! i've actually been trying to design the perfect planner myself for YEARS. i'll have to borrow some of your ideas and see what i come up with. :)

  9. hey I love this idea girl! So awesome. Where did you get your blog design at btw? this is exactly the format I want for my own blog but I don't know where or how to change it... blessings to you and I pray that your new year is going well :)



  10. Happy to help girls!

    cheche - I did all of my design work; if you're interested, email me and I can send you prices^_^

  11. A favicon! Love it.

    xo Little Miss

  12. Very cool idea, and what a deal!
    The bookmark caught my eye right away though...do you have that on a "printable"?
    I would love to have that bookmark in my Bible.


  13. May i just say I am extremely jealous of your new cutesy idea book? I'm also a list fanatic and perfectionist, and this idea is wonderful for also being a style lover. Absolutely adore.

  14. Anonymous14.1.12

    Love this idea Im making one for myself:) thanks!

  15. Anonymous16.1.12

    Such a great idea and it looks great too as well as practical!

  16. ABSOLUTELY doing this. I am a compulsive list-maker, and electronic ones just won't do.

  17. I love that you gave vintage a new look <3