life according to my iphone

Sometimes when I tweet or post a photo on instagram, I wonder what strangers think of me solely based on my words or photos. I usually talk or take pics of things I like or love; I thought I'd explain the following from this week....
I love love this photo of  me with Adrienne and my Dad. 
I really really like my Blowfish boots!

 I like my new triangle necklace I found at an antique mall, like a lot.
I love when the leaves change colors.

 My current favorite mascaras.
I love not having to wear glasses. hooray for new contacts!

 I love rewards: new mag, loofah, silk boxes, gum. I'm a simple girl.
I like doing my hur. First time in like a week.

 I like not wearing makeup and lazy days ^_^
I love new crafts!

I sure do like that face!
I am now obsessed with celery. mmmmm.

And that my friends is what my photos say about me. If you'd like to follow me via instagram, my username is 'pienthesky'. go figure.



  1. haha, this is really funny. I wish I could like celery - I have tried it every way possible. Weird, I know...but I like crunchy things :)

    xx Ashleigh

  2. I was completely the same way! It's a new love, I assure you. I hated it until last week. Now we're friends:)

  3. Love these shots!!! <3 I enjoy seeing a little peek here and there into my fav. bloggers' lives. ^_^ Also, I love celery with some veggie ranch dip, mmmm! Can't stand plain celery though. :P

  4. Cuteee boats. Thanks for sharing hun.


  5. I love those boots! You are the cutest thing.

  6. Great pics ! So creative too !

    XO. Britt
    The Magnolia Pair


  7. I love those boots and actually have some just like them! I love celery to!

  8. I like getting a chance to peek into people's lives by looking at photos like these! :)

    Ahh, I'm not really a fan of celery! I used to like it when I was little (usually dipped in ranch dressing or with peanut butter! Haha.), now I only like it in Caesars or Bloody Mary's, ha!