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Today we have the privilege of chatting with Tori of the Editorial, yes, the very editor herself! I am so pleased to introduce you to her, as she is quite wonderful and I know you will enjoy her!

What is your job title?
Currently I'm a full time college freshman, a nanny, a YoungLife counselor, and a blogger! All of which began this year!

What do you love about yourself?
I love that I've been blessed to be born Southern. Nothin' against other places, but I think Southern girls are the best! There is nothing better than baking apple pies, wearing dresses to football games, knowing everyone you see at the store, and having big hair because you're supposed to! :)

Who is your role model?
This is a hard one. I'm fortunate enough to have so many people in my life that I can look up to, but I think the best one of them is my mother. She is one of the strongest women I know. Together, the last couple of years have been oh so hard on us. We've went through some things that no one deserves- but together, we have become so much closer and so much stronger. Without the comfort she has provided for me, I don't know where I'd be today.

Who inspires you?
When I began my blog, I thought it would have been just a bunch of ramblings no one would ever care to look at. But as my blog has grown, and as I meet more and more of the sweetest encouraging readers, mentors, and friends the blogging world has become one of the biggest inspiration for me. People like Casey Wiegand, Edie Wadsworth, and Victoria Hughes remind me that I can do whatever I please with my life. It's short, and is a one time thing- this life. I need to take advantage of it and my talents and never let my dreams drift away- even when they are bigger than the little town I live in {which is pretty often}.

What are five words that describe you?
Organized, tender-hearted, outgoing, southern, free

What is your biggest insecurity?
I hate hate hate sharing my weaknesses, but here we go! I'm always afraid I won't be enough. Maybe even more than that- being left because I wasn't enough. Not pretty enough, not nice enough, not enough of wife or mother material, not enough for someone to want to stick around.

If you could be anyone for a day?
I would for sure be Faith Hill. She seems to have a wonderful life. She is beautiful, has a great body, has a husband that adores her, and so does everyone else. She has a voice that makes me go weak in the knees. I think it would be a great day- don't you?

Thanks so much for sharing with us today Tori! And if y'all haven't quite heard enough from Miss Tori, feel free to hop on over to her blog!


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