Letter DIY

Here's another round of DIY! I decided it would be fun to liven up my room a bit and I came across this simple DIY and thought I'd share. This is an extremely easy, not terribly time consuming project that can be completed in a day.

What you'll need: Letters (can be found at Hobby Lobby), paint, paintbrush, a yard of fabric (for three letters), hot glue gun/sticks

Step 1 // Paint
Take your letters and lay them out on a surface that can get dirty. Paint your letters with three coats, as most of the paint soaks into the cardboard material. I chose a shade slightly lighter than my fabric to really make it pop.

Step 2 // Cut
Take your fabric and cut out long strips approx. 1 and half inches wide. Then cut the strips into smaller rectangles. You'll cut up all of the fabric for three letters, so you'll have lots of little squares.

Step 3 // Pinch
For this next part you'll want to plug in your hot glue gun. Take your rectangle and fold it like an accordian then dab a little glue in the middle and fold it together. It'll create a cross between a fan and a fortune cookie^_^ Lay them to the side to dry.

Step 4 // Glue
Once you have pinched all of your fabric and they've dried, then you will stick them onto your letters! There's really no specific way of dong this, have fun with it!

All done! It really isn't difficult at all. These three probably took me a few hours, but I was catching up on my favorite shows so it was fine with me! And now I have something pretty on my walls. Hope you have fun!

xo. melisa


  1. What a cute idea! This would be so perfect for bedroom decor. Now to decide what I want to spell!


  2. Anonymous27.1.12

    how cute!!! I've always thought it was super hard, but it's not at all. thanks for sharing =)

  3. These are stunning. And so simple. Thanks for sharing!

    xo Shane

  4. So sweet. I love some fancied letters!

  5. So cute! I love texture in decor!

  6. LOVE this DIY! I'll be doing it soon :)

  7. So sweeet! Love theese! These would be soooo pretty at a wedding!