What's in My Makeup Bag

I haven't done one of these posts in a while, and since I've recently started using a few new products, I thought I'd share the products I currently carry in my makeup bag.

I have always always used Bare Minerals, which you'll hear about below, but I thought I'd get outside the box and try something new. I decided to go with Makeup for Forever and I must admit, I like it. I'm not completely and totally bought into it, but it does have a nice even finish to it. I use it on occasion, but can't seem to get away from my BM.

Oh Bare Minerals; I cannot love this brand anymore than I already do! I have used these products for at least 7 years now and I really don't think I'll ever stop. I use the Foundation in Medium Beige, Well Rested for eye brightening, Warmth which serves as blush and Pure Radiance which gives a nice even complexion. I love them all. 

Oh mascaras! I have a love for eyelashes; they're the first thing I notice when I meet someone and I strive to create the perfect set of lashes. Weird, but true. YSL has a great mascara called Shocking that I'm currently loving. It's a rich black that doesn't flake; it curls and volumizes without feeling caked. Diorshow Maximizing Lash Plumping Serum and Primer is AMAZING. That's right, it needed to be in all caps! I don't know about you, but a full set of lashes is like a dream come true and this primer not only makes them appear fuller when you put it underneath mascara, but over time it actually helps your lashes grow! I'm not lying, it works and I have never had such healthy lashes. This one is a must for any gal who wants pretty lashes; you won't be disappointed. Lastly, Smashbox's Full Exposure mascara is pretty great. I really love the brush on this one; it's great for volume and length!

In the past year I have started to wear eyeshadow more and more. I love the colors of all of the above. I've found that Urban Decay and Bare Minerals stay on the longest and don't really rub off throughout the day; which is what we all want. M.A.C. is great, of course! And I recently bought this VS set and though I've only used it a few days, am really enjoying them^_^

What's good makeup without good brushes?? I use several brands; Bare Minerals, Sonia Kashuk, Clarins, and Elf. I like them all, but Sonia is probably my fave and Elf is  really cheap, but surprisingly has good quality brushes.

That's what's in my makeup bag. Hope that was helpful to some of you who are wanting to try something new! If you have any suggestions, I love trying new products! Also, speaking of trying new products... Have you heard of Birchbox or MyGlam?? They're companies that send you product samples each month for a fee of $10 a month. I love the idea, but was wondering if y'all knew of any other companies like this? Want to make sure I pick the best one! Thanks.



  1. ahh you're inspiring me to update my makeup bag/brushes/brands! it's been the same for years. time for an update! thanks for sharing!

  2. I love bare minerals too!! every time i try to switch to something new I just keep going back - its the best! when you use liquid foundation do you use a foundation brush? How do you clean it out?

    Thanks for the tips!
    xx Ashleigh

  3. Love this post! YOu are introducing me to products I've never heard of and really want to try! Thanks for sharing !!

    xo. A Southern Bee Diary


  4. I've never tried bare minerals, but have only heard good things about it, maybe it's time I gave it a try. I love this post and it's definitely inspired me to go make-up shopping pretty soon :)

  5. Such a lovely post!!! I love make-up and am addicted to trying new products, as is Jen, which is why we subscribed to BirchBox in December! Our first box JUST shipped. We cannot WAIT!

    I really love Avon, Hard Candy and N.Y.C. Color! In fact, N.Y.C. Color (Wheel) is the only powder I use. I want to switch to a light spray foundation, though.

    This month, one goal of mine is to go through all of mine and Jen's make-up and nail polish, toss what's old and replace with new!!!

  6. i love this post. now i need to run to the store and update my stuff lol this was a hint because ive been meaning to, and got lots of coupons for Ulta!! haha btw love your photo style... what did you do to them?!

  7. thanks for the mascara tips. I have the shortest eyelashes known to man (yet my brother's are so long that they bend when they hit his glasses) and I'm always looking for a new mascara! I'll have to try some of these!

  8. Anonymous10.1.12

    I've really been thinking about signing up for Birchbox...it's the one I hear the most about and seems like a lot of fun! Also I had a question. I use Bare Minerals also, but I have reallllly bad bags under my eyes all the time (hereditary). I just use the little brush and try to layer on a lot of the foundation under my eyes but sometimes it doesn't really do the trick - is the "well rested" like a concealer?



  9. I featured you in my blogger award today! you can check it out here... http://mimickinggodscreation.blogspot.com/2012/01/blogger-award.html

    :) emma

  10. Ashleigh - I use a sponge of sorts. I tried the brush but didn't really like it...
    Angie - thanks for the tips! Keep me posted on your birchbox^_^
    MILA - thanks! I just utilized natural light; it's the best!
    Betsy - they work!
    Jessie - Well rested is like magic! It's like concealer, but lighter so it not only gets rid of any circles, but it brightens too.
    Emma - thank you ma'am!