Girl Talk // The Daydreamer

What is your job title?

jewelry and home accessory designer & blogger.

What do you love about yourself?
I love that I am who I am.  In that I mean, although I am constantly growing and changing physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, I allow myself to grow and change into just me.  Just the girl I am supposed to be and become, not for my friends or family, or blog readers, just for me.  I think knowing ones own heart and mind is a wonderful attribute... (one reason I find my best friend so beautiful.  she is so different from me, but so just herself, and its stunning!).

Who is your role model?
My role model is hands down my mom.  She passed away four years ago from cancer and still everyday holds the crown for who I strive for in this world.  She was the kind of woman who made everyone she ever met feel like they were her good friend; feel loved.  She not only loved all people, but she loved the earth and had such an appreciation for its beauty.  She was the such a forgiver and acceptor of humanity and all its faults.  She was hilarious and childlike at times, but so graceful at others.  She showed me the meaning of hard work to live the life you dream of, perseverance in marriage through the bad times, love for your children even when at times it can be so hard, the spirit of animals and sticks and rocks, and the way to put others first.  I could literally go on for hours with what this woman means to me!!!

What inspires you?
I would say the biggest thing that inspires me is nature: feathers, stones, light, shells, textures, colors, smells, all things of nature.  Im also very inspired by colors and patterns, especially culturally inspired ones.  And when Im inspired, its always paired with some good tunes like Micah P Hinson, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell and Rocky Votolato - just to name a few.

What are five words that describe you?
passionate.  daydreamer.  nurturer.  nostalgic.  homebody.

What is your biggest insecurity?
Fear.  Since losing both of my parents before having children, I have big fears of having children, although I want them very much.  So I guess my insecurity would really be doubt?  The ability to successfully raise my children without having my wonderful parents by my side.  That is my current biggest personal stumbling block.

If you could be anyone for a day, who would it be?
My dad.  As hard as it might be to face, I'd like to know how he was feeling and what was in his heart.  Maybe if I could've stepped inside him on the right day, he would not have taken his own life.  (sorry I know that is really sad, but its my most honest answer).  I'll give you two answers to this one to balance this out a bit... I'd also love to be Joy Williams of The Civil Wars... to know what it feels like to sing so beautifully, and you know, to hang out with John Paul White all day would not be too bad at all ;)

I reeeeally really enjoyed reading this week's Girl Talk and have been anxiously awaiting the day I get to share it with you all. I absolutely adore Laura's honesty and openness; something I strive to be more like. Thank you so much Laura! If you all would like to continue getting to know Laura, and I 'm sure you do, feel free to visit these...

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    I love this, so honest and vulnerable!

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