Bits + Pieces

I've been in a crafting frenzy as of late. As I mentioned before, I have many many friends who are preggers, which means lots of showers and lots of baby crafts. I've thoroughly enjoyed making little treasures for these soon coming babies. Here's a peek at a usual day around here.

Also other crafting, new show watching, & decorating; life is good indeed. Also, here is the lovely winner of the 63 Strings Giveaway! Hooray! Please email me with your shipping info. Thanks so much for all who participated!

I'm currently feeling a little cruddy (womp womp), so I'm going to drink some tea, curl up under some blankets and enjoy some sleepy time. Night friends!



  1. I love those little birds!
    It seems like everyone in the blogosphere is feeling a little sick as of late! Get well soon! :)


  2. Crafting for other people is so much fun! Those birds and bowties are so cute! Talent!


  3. Love it when the crafting mood strikes! Those little bow ties are so cute.

  4. i like the idea of crafting but its one of the many things I like but never do... Either time constraints or something else ha ha.

    I will say I like the DIY PIE design :). And I also really enjoy looking at your writing.

    It is soooo nice girl. Weird how some people are just more blessed than others in areas like that :).



  5. Looks like a fantastic day! Those birds are so sweet! Where did you get those? I have a cousin who is planning a wedding and would love to have some birds in the decor.

    Also, that Television show looks just like something I'd like. What is it?

    xo. little miss

  6. those birds are absolutely adorable! did you draw out the birds yourself?

    this post has inspired me to craft a little more this week. thanks a bundle
    -jenn www.panandtea.blogspot.com

  7. little miss - I made the birds myself! I'm actually hoping to add some to the shop. Email me if you'd like to place an order for your cousin! And the show is 'Once Upon A Time' Recently become addicted to it.

  8. thanks for letting me know Melisa! I can't wait to show her the sweet birds.
    {and I'm watching episode one tonight!}
    xo. Little Miss

  9. Oooh I love these little peeks into every day life! :) & those birdies are ADORABLE! I just read that you made them, you should TOTALLY add them to your Etsy shop!! & I'm curious as to what's inside those envelopes! ;)

    Hope you're feeling better!