WEAR ::creme de le creme

details // dress: urban outfitters, tights & belt: h&m, boots: nurture, socks: target, 
cardigan: anthropologie, necklace: gifted, ring: Adrienne's

Ever wondered what I look like after a long day?? Well here you are friends, ha! These are a product of a long, wonderful, extremely rewarding day and Adrienne being in town with a brand new spiffy camera! We got home kinda late and decided to have fun with her new toy ^_^

I had a pretty special mid week: Adrienne came to visit me, we had our very first Spark service, and I found the most delicious cupcake shoppe. It's the little things, really. 

In other news, I still refuse to complete my Hunger Games reading. I'm doing some serious job hunting this weekend. Seeing my sister made me miss my family like whoa. I love my church. I am working on some intensely crazy awesomeness that I will soon share with you. Things are falling into place. I discovered Frankie Magazine and I really want a subscription, but alas I am not made of money. Oh and I really want a new camera and it's taking everything inside of me to not trade mine in. I think that's all. Night friends!



  1. your outfit is completely something I would wear. I love the sweater meets nice dress meets nice decorative tights anyday! Sucha classic and polished look right? Anywho God bless you chica and I'm glad your enjoying your church. It helps a lot in our walk with Jesus to have a strong body of believers to stay accountable and fellowship with. Such a blessing and gift!



  2. Love the tights + cardigan combo!

    Just looked up Frankie magazine... Oh my goodness. I was all ready to subscribe when I saw for a year of paper copies sent to the US... $115!! So upsetting :(

  3. I can't get over how cute that ring is! And those tights look perfect with your boots. Great outfit!

    XoX S.

  4. This outfit is so so beautiful. I love the delicate white of the dress - mingled with the dark tights. And look at those legs - absolutely stunning. :)

  5. Love your ring! I have one just like it but a cat.
    Beautiful blog btw! :)


  6. Oh my goodness! I love that ring!

  7. You are very very beautiful!