T A K E :: Sweet Sadie

I had the pleasure of taking photos of sweet Sadie a few days ago. She is just precious!  Her mom is a dear friend of mine and I was so honored to help capture this special moment in their lives. 

I'm finding the more I take photos, the more I truly enjoy it. I don't consider myself a professional photographer by any means, but I love capturing moments, seconds in an otherwise regular day and sealing it as a memory. I love the everyday and celebrating the little things - that's why I love taking photos. So while I'm growing and learning, I'm taking a few clients here and there. If you're in the dfw area and are looking to get some photos done - let's get together!

xo. melisa


  1. Lovely photos x

  2. gatta say, photos 3-5 are my favorites. Sadie is a very adorable little girl.

    1. mine too! you can just sense her love for Sadie in how she holds her - so sweet.

  3. Oh My Goodness--so beautiful and amazing and touching photos...love them so much.